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Testing Instruments

  • Patra Type Fluff Tester

    Patra Type Fluff Tester

    A sample is placed between the blanket and steel roll and sample is moved between the roles under nip pressure. After selected number of sheets have been passed the fluff is transferred to blanket cylinders and a linen counter moved at the top of

  • Photo Brightness Tester

    Photo Brightness Tester

    The model is having three search unit (sensor unit) determines the reflectance of the surface of the objects, as well as the colour, by measuring the light reflected from their surface and then comparing to standards. The instrument consists of a

  • Bendtsen Smoothness Tester

    Bendtsen Smoothness Tester

    Roughness of paper is defined as the volume of air that, forced a specified pressure difference escapes in unit time by passing between the surface of the paper and a flat metal ring resting on the paper and exerting a definite pressure on

  • Schopper Type Tensile Tester

    Schopper Type Tensile Tester

    The machine in designed for determining the tensile  strength of  sheet  material such as paper, paper board,  plastics, metal foil, etc. The testing is made by inserting a sample between  two vertical  grips, and

  • Martindale Abrasion Tester

    Martindale Abrasion Tester

    Abrading instrument, consisting of a horizontal turntable with a center clamp, which revolves at 70 to 75 rpm, upon which the specimen is attached, and two weighte parallel arms, each carrying a special abrasive embedded rubber whell, freely

  • Ash Tester

    Ash Tester

    The ash content of paper is defined as the weight of the residue after complete combustion of a sample at a temperature of 9250 C ± 250 C under specified conditions and is expressed as a percentage of the weight of the oven dry paper.

  • Digital Ring Crush Tester

    Digital Ring Crush Tester

    The ring crush resistance of paper and paperboard is the maximum compressive force that a test piece will sustain without being crushed, the test piece being in the form of a cylinder, standing on one end, and the force being applied to the other

  • Digital Tearing Resistance Tester

    Digital Tearing Resistance Tester

    Tear strength tester (elemendroff type) with (selected  pendulam) to measure the tear strength value of the sample.

    Technical Specifications :

    • Interchangeable pendulum for different range
  • Hand Held Moisture Meter

    Hand Held Moisture Meter

    The offered lot is prepared using the best in class raw material that is sourced from the reliable places only. Besides, we check it for quality prior to procurement. With our modern transportation amenities, safe and on-time deliveries are

  • Horizontal Tensile Tester

    Horizontal Tensile Tester

    Tensile strength, the maximum tensile force developed in a test specimen before rupture on a tensile test carried to rupture under prescribed conditions. Tensile strength (as used here) is the force per unit  width of test speciman.

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