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Pulp Testing Instruments

  • Fibre Classifier

    Fibre Classifier

    Voltage : 220 V

    Frequency : 50 Hz

    Sample of pulp : 10.0 +/- 0.05 grams

    Agitators speed : 580 +/- 25 rpm

    Material : Stainless Steel

  • Hand Sheet Former

    Hand Sheet Former

    Sheet Size : 165 Mm Dia

    Trimmed Size : 200 Cm

    Automation Grade : Automatic

    Wire screen : 100 mesh (ASTM STD, 150 mesh (TAPPI STD)

    Suction height : 800 mm

  • Consistency Determination Apparatus

    Consistency Determination Apparatus

    Voltage : 220V

    Power : Electric

    Material : Stainless Steel

    Optional : Vacuum pump Rapid Sheet Drier for shortening the drying time, as an optional accessory Couch Plate.

    Height : Up to 1.5 Feetmarkings

  • Laboratory Rotary Digester

    Laboratory Rotary Digester

    The Digester is a complete pulping unit for producing pulps by cooking wood chips in a manner similar to a commercial digester. The unit is easy to operate and features precise control of pulping variables to ensure good repeatability of results.

  • Flotation Cell

    Flotation Cell

    Floatation is a physical-chemicals process of separating materials. It is based on the phenomenon that separation is achieved by influencing the wet ability with water of the particles to be separated, whether the surface of these particles is

  • Lab Hydrapulper

    Lab Hydrapulper

    Lab Hydrapulper is a complete pulping unit used for marking pulp from secondary fiber waste paper, on lab scale. It can also be used for mechno-chemical pulping. It has 30 liters capacity and can be also made available in 10 & 20 liters

  • Lab Valley Beater

    Lab Valley Beater

    Length : 1120 MM

    Width : 375 mm

    Depth : 950 mm

    Weight : 180 Kg

    Volume : 25 liter

  • Pulp Disintegrator

    Pulp Disintegrator

    A pulp sample is said to be disintegrated when it has been subjected to mechanical treatment in water so that interlaced fibres, which were free in the pulp stock, are gain separated from one another without appreciably changing their structural

  • Rapid Sheet Dryer

    Rapid Sheet Dryer

    Rapid Dryer is used for quick drying of wet pulp or paper samples before measuring dry weight, while determining moisture content. A wet sample of pulp or paper is placed between the upper and the lower drying plates of the dryer. The temperature

  • Wood Chip Classifier

    Wood Chip Classifier

    Chip Classifier is used for rapid and reproducible analysis of chip with respect to size and thickness. The unit is easy to operate and helps in segregating the chips in various classified sizes for analysis and corrective  action. Four